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KENRAY prides itself on having a vast array of in-house engineering knowledge. It is this skill set and profound understanding of forming sets that makes up the foundation of KENRAY as a company.

This engrained expertise ensures that as a business KENRAY understands how individual packaging machines and forming set combinations perform whilst running various film types.

As a result of this understanding, KENRAY are able to offer bespoke training packages to service the individual needs of their customers.

Topics for discussion can range from the following

  • Tube alignment
  • Product Flow
  • Film Contact
  • Roller Position


KENRAY training packages are an investment for your company. They ensure your employees day-to-day understanding and knowledge of potential problems are highlighted quickly and confidently. This means less down-time to you and your production lines.

For more information on how a KENRAY bespoke training package can help your organisation – contact us by emailing

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