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A more thorough consultancy service is available to give customers the peace of mind and detailed understanding of how their VFFS packaging lines could run more efficiently.

Issues identified can result in savings associated with replacement strippers and bag closers, film waste and production downtime due to damaged forming sets.

Kenray Vffs line evaluation services includes:

  • Auditing individual vffs machines or a full packaging line to assess their performance and identify any issues
  • Analysing the current state of the packaging machine and identifying why problems are occurring
  • Evaluating the seal quality of any bags and how improvements can be made
  • Analysing the performance of the set up of the wrapper/bagger
  • Monitoring and evaluating the packaging line procedures
  • Making recommendations around best practice and cost-effective improvements to the vertical form filled packaging line, this could be around slippage or sealing issues, film waste, replacing strippers and bag closers.

Regular line evaluation and assessment can extend the life of your forming sets, allowing you to plan for replacement parts before you need them, which ultimately can result in a reduction of any production downtime on your vffs packaging machines.

The paid for service provides and in-depth analysis of your machine production levels. An engineer will spend a day on-site at your premises to provide you with an update and understanding of any specific problems you may be having with your vffs packaging machines. We will provide recommendations as to how you can overcome any problems and how you could improve your packaging machines and forming sets efficiency.

If you are interested in an in-depth Line Evaluation of your VFFS packaging line or forming sets, please contact Kenray for one of our engineers to arrange a visit.

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