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Product blockage solution

Bridging and product-flow speed are two of the most common packaging problems in VFFS packaging especially for high-density, large, bulky products such as potatoes.

To improve this, KENRAY can offer expertise in the design on an optimised tube, which will greatly reduce the bridging issues, resulting in higher packaging efficiency. Optimised inlet sizes help prevent products from bridging in the tube.

To improve your product flow, Kenray has designed a solution that will stagger the product as it passes through the tube. Kenray uses its own intellectual property for solutions to most OEM machines. Kenray is also using the designed feature by Ishida for Ishida Formers.

It is this feature that enables large products to pass through the small opening with a tube thus improving flow and reducing blockage.

This packaging solution helps to solve blockage problems by allowing products to pass through efficiently, resulting in an increase of the packing speed for a wide range of products including potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

Kenray’s product blocking solution has been designed to create an even flow that eliminates bridging issues.


Benefits of Product Blockage Solutions from KENRAY include:
  • Wider Inlet
  • Correctly engineered angles
  • Product packers experience fewer bridging issues
  • Fewer in-tube blockages
  • Faster packing rates
  • Less downtime