Our Vision, Values & Mission Statement

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Kenray Vision, Values & Mission Statement

Together we will achieve business success and excellence. Together we will bring the values to life


To be the supplier of choice for all users of forming sets and have a major presence in all corners of the globe.

Mission Statement

To produce the highest quality forming sets available, delivered to the customer on time, with the best after sales service and support possible.

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Our Values; the Kenray Way…

Consistent in everything we do; we care about our customers and each other; communication and process is important to us

Trust; we trust each other to make the right decisions and follow through on our commitment to deliver

Integrity; we are proud of our reputation and sell only products we can be proud of; we speak with truth and candour

Respect; we treat others as we would have them treat us; we are mindful of what is important to others

Perform Better; we are passionate about everything we do and are enthusiastic and eager for success; we take responsibility and do not compromise on quality

Teamwork; together we will perform with purpose; we are not just committed to performing well as individuals, but as a team, to strengthen the Company as a whole

Positivity; we focus on solutions and what we do best; together we celebrate success

Solution Orientated; we are committed to finding solutions and better ways of doing things; we always find a way in which we can help

To find out more about Kenray Forming, Please contact the team on 01530 400 100 or email [email protected]