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Bal Ross

Head of Logistics & Procurement

Bal has been a key member of KENRAY since joining us in 2010, first as the Logistics and Procurement Manager.

Her initial role was to manage the purchasing for stores, overseeing responsibility of all additional parts and materials required for job completion.

Since that time, her wealth of experience and transferrable skill set has allowed her to take on an additional role which now sees her manage the transport and logistics side of our business.

Here Bal ensures timely deliveries to KENRAY customers all around the globe.

As someone who is exceptionally organised, Bal’s key areas of responsibility lie in general procurement for the company on a mass scale, as well as overseeing goods in /out, day-to-day shipment management, cost cutting exercises, white fleet management, key supplier liaison as well as any Sub-Contract management which may occur depending on a customer’s needs.

Outside of work, Bal is a recognised and successful member of the Territorial Army (TA), currently W02 in the Royal Signals 38 Signal Regiment SSM 64 Signal Squadron.

More recently she received a Lord Leftenant Certificate which was in recognition of her 19 years’ service within the TA.

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