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Sealing jaws

At Kenray, we offer a wide selection of Greener Corporation’s sealing jaws. 

Greener is known as the world leader in manufacturing heat sealing jaws for both horizontal and vertical form / fill / seal packaging machines. By partnering with this company, we not only provide our customers with the benefit and convenience of having the best formers but also the best heat sealing solutions from a single source.

Greener Corporation - Kenray Forming, Forming Sets, Forming Shoulders, VFFS, Packaging

Greener has developed a wide range of special features for heat sealers that cater to a wide range of different factors that can affect the packaging process, like product, packing film, packing machine design and line speed. Many different platings and coatings are also available to help to prevent the corrosion of heating sealing jaws and improve their overall performance.

In addition to manufacturing the best sealing jaws and crimpers available; Greener also offers training, line evaluations and installations. So, you can always rest assured that your heat sealing jaws are working optimally to benefit your production line.

Features of GREENER / KENRAY Sealing Jaws include:
  • Hi-Durability Stainless Steel prevents the sealing face from being damaged, rusted, corroded or worn – without plating.
  • Dura-Therm ensures exceptional heat transfer and prevents both wear and corrosion without the need for plating.
  • Kevlar® Composite ensures a flexible and durable sealing face on cold seal films that use Easy Seal crimpers.
  • Various Serration Patterns are available, which are suited to your specific product, film and packing machine.
Benefits of Greener / Kenray sealing jaws include:
  • Seal quality improvement and optimisation
  • Efficiency enhancements
  • New film qualification
  • Package design development
  • Machinery redesign
  • Perfection in crimping
  • Packaging material reduction
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Personnel training
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