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Kenray– The Classic

The Kenray Classic Forming Set has been developed and improved over three decades of listening to customers and continuous product satisfaction.

The Classic is designed to meet and in many cases surpass OEM standard requirements. Not only does it meet standard requirements for safety and hygiene; it also helps to improve your profits by maintaining a high level of output for your packing machines. We do this by minimising setup time and waste, improving product speeds and offering greater film control, which can reduce the amount of film required for back seal.

Our forming shoulders and forming sets can be custom designed to any packing machine make or model required. There are various options available, so The Classic can be used for a wide range of appliances including snacks, frozen, powder and vegetables. To maximise production, packaging machines should be running optimally at all times. Small stops, tracking problems and vertical seal issues can slow down production and minimise your profits. Kenray Classic Forming Sets are designed to prevent these common packaging problems from occurring, so that you can maintain a high output when packing your products.

At Kenray, we strive to ensure that formers and packaging solutions recommended are suited to your machine and the product being packaged in order to optimise your output and reduce downtime. As well as offering a high level of engineering excellence, our Classic range of forming shoulders and Forming Sets present a cost-effective all-round solution to support your business’s critical packaging needs.

Kenray’s Classic Forming Set offers the following benefits:
  • Comprehensive, cost-effective solution
  • Excellent film tracking and vertical film alignment seal
  • Available for all types of manufacturing makes and models
  • Lighter and less expensive when compared to many OEM alternatives
  • Custom designed to suit all applications (Visit our accessories page)
  • All pack and seal options available
  • Multiple options for gas flushing and accessories
  • Noise reduction options available
Coating Solutions from Kenray

All Kenray formers come with the ability to choose the relevant coating, which is right for your product.

The right coating can help reduce film drag and enables an easier product flow and can even help dampen the noise on the lines. For more information visit our coatings page or talk to one of our engineers.

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