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As specialist manufacturers of formers for over forty years, Kenray have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how using the correct coating on a former will help improve performance on a production line.

Working closely with coating companies, Kenray formers now come with a range of coating options to help reduce film drag, reduce blockages and reduce noise. The three specialise coating options include: K-Flow – a versatile system for the food packaging industry, K-Slip – ideal for difficult, sticky products and K-Damp which dampens the noise of a product entering the former.

Kenray engineers work with clients to assess which coating would help them improve the consistency and overall performance of their former on their manufacturing lines.


K-Flow is a coating system that has been developed for use on Kenray forming sets; it is both tough and wear-resistant whilst providing a tough slippery skin. This particular coating system is designed for use with ‘tricky’ film flow applications, and reduces friction by about 30%. Kenray’s K-Flow technology helps to further reduce film drag on forming sets for ‘easy flow’ solutions while providing an effective solution for film transport issues.

The coating is also robust enough to withstand daily cleaning. It will not chip, flake or peel – and, it can withstand high temperatures. As such, the K-Flow is completely versatile, making it the ideal coating system for the food packaging industry. It is FDA, ECC and USDA approved.


K-Slip is a Kenray forming set coating system that has been designed for difficult, sticky products. This particular coating reduces any unwanted build-up of products in the tube of the forming set. By reducing blockages, it helps to increase productivity and reduce down time. K-Slip is a coating system that can be utilised for many different product applications.


K-Damp is a highly specialised compound used to dampen the noise of a product as it enters the top chute or in-feed section of the former.

Why Choose Kenray Forming Set Coatings?
  • K-Flow Coating reduces film drag by up to 30%
  • Improved film transport issues
  • Meets the required Food Grade Standards
  • Higher efficiencies and packing speeds
  • Easy clean/sanitising of forming sets
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs