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Kenray line assessment helps companies extend the life-cycle of their packaging line and improve productivity.

Qualified engineers with a high level of experience in vertical form filled seal (vffs) packaging machines and forming sets provide a service of to assess the performance of your vffs packaging lines. With an understanding of all makes and models of forming sets, forming tubes, frames and the packaging machines on which they are used Kenray engineers are available to help you by visiting your site and carrying out either a line assessment of full line machine evaluations. Vffs consultancy and line evaluation services include:

  • Auditing individual vffs machines or a full packaging line to assess their performance and identify any issues
  • Analysing the current state of the packaging machine and identifying why problems are occurring
  • Evaluating the seal quality of any bags and how improvements can be made
  • Analysing the performance of the set up of the wrapper/bagger
  • Monitoring and evaluating the packaging line procedures
  • Making recommendations around best practice and cost-effective improvements to the vertical form filled packaging line, this could be around slippage or sealing issues, film waste, replacing strippers and bag closers.

Line Assessments can last up to half a day and provide you with an opportunity to discuss any issues you may have with your VFFS machines. A more thorough consultancy service provides an in-depth line evaluation with a full day at your site by one of our engineers. This paid for line evaluation option provides in-depth analysis of your machine production levels and an understanding of any specific problems you might be having with your machines. We will provide recommendations as to how you may be able to improve performance and overcome the problems you are experiencing.

The Line Assessment and Line Evaluation services enables a Kenray engineer to use a tried and tested ‘traffic light’ system, the criteria for damaged or nearly damaged forming sets. By doing so, we can help you to easily detect any forthcoming issues in your production line, eliminating downtime and costs to your business.

This on-going assessment and evaluation of your vffs packaging line can extend the life of your forming sets and provide a cost and time effective alternative to new purchases. Equally if an on-site appraisal demonstrates a need for replacements, it can be factored into real-time and supplied before an emergency situation occurs.

The Kenray team are on hand to help you keep your machines bagging and sealing at optimum performance. For more information on a line assessment or a full line evaluation service for your company contact us at: [email protected].

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