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Refurbishment for formers

KENRAY offers a forming set refurbishment and repair service that helps clients save money. The service provides a fast turn-around to help extend the life of your existing forming sets, forming tubes and frames.

Are You Experiencing Downtime from Any of the Following Issues?
  • Worn Forming Sets
  • Seal Issues
  • Is it dropped, knocked or damaged?


If so talk to Kenray now and see if your forming sets or accessories can be refurbished or repaired.

As part of our refurbishment service, our expert team of packaging solution engineers will analyse the current state of your formers and determine whether they are fit for purpose. If not, they will advise you on the restorations and repairs required to get your forming sets back in ideal condition and at maximum performance capacity.

Our team of packaging solutions experts are able to re-condition damaged and worn forming sets within a short time frame. This is a much more-cost effective solution than completely replacing the forming set, as repairs only cost a fraction of the price of a new full former.

Our forming set refurbishment service is quick and convenient. This means that you will experience less down time, allowing you to maximise the potential of your production line.

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