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Premium spec forming sets

Our Premium Spec forming sets are available for Quad Seal, Doy and all specialist bag configurations. These types of bags require specialised packaging solutions, and KENRAY’s Premium Spec forming set range is designed to help our clients produce premium pack configurations with ease.

With years of experience in forming set design and manufacture, our packaging solution engineers are aware of the difficulty in producing this product range. As a result, we take great care in developing specialist packaging solutions that that help to maximise clients’ packaging production.

The Premium Spec forming set range is very diverse, meaning that it can be adapted and modified to suit a variety of applications such as: frozen foods, snacks, vegetables, confectionery and pet food. Additional features are also available to help increase packing speeds and reduce blockages.

Why Choose KENRAY Premium Spec Forming Sets?
  • All types of Quad Seal available for any make or model
  • Precise seals and bag presentation
  • Pathways for goglio valves, labels and zipper applications
  • Customised to suit your requirements
  • Capable of maximising output
  • Suitable for complex bag types
  • Suitable for specialist film types
  • Noise options available
Coating Solutions from KENRAY
All Kenray formers come with the ability to choose the relevant coating, which is right for your product.

The right coating can help reduce film drag and enables an easier product flow and can even help dampen the noise on the lines. For more information visit our coatings page or talk to one of our engineers.