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Horizontal Flow Wrapper Tooling

KENRAY Global has developed a new range of Horizontal Flow Wrapper Tooling solutions to compliment the company’s existing vertical form and fill solutions. The specialist tooling solution provides support for Paper, Biodegradable and Compostable paper-based films, as well as the more typical Polyethylene films seen in packaging applications.

Kenray’s in-house R&D team has been working extensively on providing a high level solution for horizontal flow wrap paper applications for the past two years. After extensive on-site testing with support from high end packaging customers, Kenray has now taken the solution from design concept to packaging produce available in stores for well known consumer products.

The solution has proven to be very effective and Kenray Global is now in a position to offer reliable horizontal flow wrap solutions to paper based films.

The tooling has additional benefits over conventional horizontal flow wrap tooling, such as user friendly application and film stability that can be seen in both paper, and polyethylene applications.

These benefits have the potential to offer improved pack aesthetics, as well as improved production efficiency.

Why Choose KENRAY Horizontal Flow Wrapper Tooling
  • Tooling advancement to support packaging in Paper, Biodegradable, Compostable film and Polyethylene films.
  • Precise sealing alignment and seal integrity.
  • Ideal replacement for conventional horizontal flow wrap tooling.
  • Improves stability and pack quality.
  • Increased bags per minute compared to conventional horizontal and vertical tooling.
  • Ideal for high productivity demand.
  • Ease of use. Plug and play fitment.
  • Low set up down times.
  • No adjustment required to run.

KENRAY’s proven out-of-the-box solution offers total reassurance and reliability in an ever demanding market. By listening closely to our customers’ requirements, we have developed specialist formers and packaging solutions.

Our R&D Team is dedicated to providing new solutions to meet the needs of the changing packaging industry.

KENRAY’s packaging solutions for the snack industry have been proven in many manufacturing plants throughout the globe and offer total reassurance and reliability in this ever demanding market.