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For over six decades the OEM Kliklok-Woodman has grown from a respected pioneer to expected innovator in packaging machinery. The company’s concentration of resources on the development of new, best-in-class machinery within core industry groups was how the relationship with KENRAY was first fostered.

There are several reasons as to why KENRAY ‘Perform Better’.

Kliklok streamlined their focus to build on core competencies. As a result, deep partnerships with leading OEM suppliers of complementary technologies, such as Formers were solidified. This allowed Kliklok to rely on fully vetted partner companies to deliver integrated system solutions.

Our partnership with Kliklok Woodman began when KENRAY outlined a new strategy to the customer to help improve upon their end customer satisfaction rating. In turn this also improved their warranty and reduced the time spent internally to set up and test formers.

This also meant that it would be possible for KENRAY to issue spare formers direct to Kliklok Woodman’s end customers if necessary. They could be safe in the knowledge that the former would come out of the box, be placed on the machine and begin making bags right away.

It is this high level of consistency of design and production that strengthens the relationship between Kliklok Woodman and KENRAY today.

We first set about creating a design book with the customer, for continued accuracy and time reduction.

We studied all possible parameters and requests that could be logged. The matrix was fed into a 3D parametric model. The result is a flawless operating system which allows us to produce and more importantly re-produce all formers regardless of size, time and time again in exactly the same way.

To maintain the accuracy we recorded all of the variables such as bend lines and pivotal curves and fed this directly into our in-house computer system. The benefit being that any replacement parts required for Kliklok Woodman can simply be called up and re-shaped to the original spec.

We are committed to a high level of on-going machine tests during both the build and assembly process. We do this using the customers’ film for enhanced testing of the final bag samples.

With total transparency on parts history, our final quality inspection is able to track all aspects of the process before signing off as fit for purpose to the customer.

Our relationship with Kliklok Woodman has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. It is this reason that we are now the Former Supplier of choice for our customer.

KENRAY – Perform Better.
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