5 Solutions to Minimise End Seal Leakage

End Seal Leakage can be a problematic issue when packaging goods and snack products. We understand that your packaging must withstand thorough testing to ensure the quality of the products. To achieve this, we have put together this collection of tips to help maintain the integrity of end seals:

  1. Regular maintenance to prevent jaw misalignment
  2. Ensure that temperature, time, and pressure parameters are met*
  3. Review the jaw profile for a complete seal
  4. For consistent issues, consider your sealing jaw design: our partners at Greener will advise you on the optimal setup for your production line.
  5. Upgraded serration pattern on your sealing jaw

*We will often suggest to customers that a Dura-Therm sealing jaw could be the best solution for them: it allows for a more controlled temperature to ensure the integrity of the end seal to keep production flowing.

At Kenray, we are committed to finding the best solution for you. We provide line assessments to keep downtime to a minimum and recommend upgrades and simple re-alignments where necessary.

By having a line assessment, a dedicated Kenray service engineer will visit your site and help you to understand what improvements could be made on issues such as slippage and sealing problems, film waste, strippers and bag closers. This method helps you to plan for any forthcoming issues, minimising any downtime of the production line.

Kenray offers onsite line assessments which can provide you with an opportunity to discuss any issues around vertical form filling and sealing packaging machines.

We are committed to helping you to #performbetter

If you are interested in an assessment of your VFFS packaging line and forming sets, please contact Kenray for one of our engineers to arrange a visit.

[email protected] 01530 400 100

Kenray Successfully Complete Paper Packaging Trial with PepsiCo

It has been a fantastic week for the Kenray Research and Development (R&D) Team, headed by Phill Loxley and assisted by Ian Bonsall and Colin Bosworth who have finalised a 14-month project completing operational validation trials for paper packaging with Pepsico.

The Kenray Team have worked closely with the development team at PepsiCo and assisted them to become the first FMCG company to have a +90% paper content and carry the OPRL recycle compliance. This is a massive achievement across the board.

Thanks also for all the support and liaison from the back-office team at Kenray.