Kenray Forming Ltd – Welcome to our Site 3 Testing Facility


Today we’re looking at our Testing Facilities that we have available here on Site 3.

This Kliklok Woodman Intermittent Machine can be used with either a vacuum or a friction drive facility.  To test TNA and other front drive formers, we have a TNA Robag 3 in our line-up.

Our line equipment LE 400 machine has the ability to test all Doy & Quad formers. All continuous high-speed formers can be verified on this apparatus.

Here we are at the back of the machine and the first thing we’re going to do is to ensure that the reel is correctly positioned on the machine and the film is running true and will be aligned to the bag specification.

So, here we are at the front of the machine all we want to ensure is that the film is running smoothly over the shoulder and touching at every point. will also want to make sure the geometry is correct, and everything is lining up.

Okay so the final point of the process is to check that we’ve got a good bag of the machine First thing to do is to make sure that we got the right bag size, check that we’ve got the correct seal and seal is actually strong enough and then finally check for creases, wrinkles and any twisting.

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