Kenray Forming Ltd – Product Blockage Solutions for VFFS Machines

What I’d like to do in today’s short blog is to talk to you a little bit about product flow and how we might be able to help you with any product flow issues you might be experiencing

As you can see on the diagram we’ve got potatoes going into a straight tube and as you can see at the top on the right side of the diagram they become stuck in the top of the tube.

So what we’ve been able to do in this particular instance is redesigned the angle of the inlet so that combined with streaming from the weigher. the potatoes flow freely through the tube.

Looking at the diagram on the left, we can see a typical high-speed snack tube, so not only have we altered the inlet angles, but we’ve also cut out the back of the tube to allow the product to fall through the tube freely.

Another way of removing blockages is to use a poker, this is being demonstrated in this clip

Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email