Nurettin Yilmaz - Kenray Forming, Forming Sets, Forming Shoulders, VFFS, Food Packaging, Turkey, Asia, Middle East,

Nurettin Yilmaz

Business Development (Turkey & Middle east)

Nurettin is our Business Development for Kenray customers in the Middle East and joined the team in 2015.  Nurettin has a special focus of developing the Kenray brand in the Asian & African markets.

Nurettin is a key member of the Kenray community since joining in 2015, he graduated with a degree as an electrical and electronics engineer. Within his role as Business Development at Kenray he develops the business for clients and customers located within the middle east, also a special focus on developing the brand in Asian and African markets.

Within his job role he also develops a strategy for growth, creates relationships with clients and corresponds with the sales team and uses his own expertise.

Nurrettin is proficient in Turkish and English, with a passion for relationship building that aligns with Kenray’s – he cares passionately about engaging with clients, solving and finding solutions no matter how big the challenge is. He is very customer focused and devoted to the Kenray community, which we value.

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