Kenray Forming Ltd – Introduction to Site 2

Here we are outside site 2.  Site 2 is where we make our frames and other engineered items.

Our Ramada Laser Cutter is capable of cutting accurately and quickly all the parts required for the fabrication process.

You can see we have two CNC lathes. One is used for tubes and the other CNC / Milling Machine is capable of making any parts.

These are our multi-access machines. All our machines are capable of taking information from the CAD Cam system to produce parts. We also have a 3D printing facility for prototyping


Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email