Kenray Forming Ltd – Introduction to Site 1

The next video in our series is an introduction to our Site 1 in Leicestershire, UK showcasing our facilities and our fantastic team that helps Kenray to deliver effective forming solutions:

Here we are outside Site One, what I’d like to do today is just show you some of the facilities we have inside:


Here we are inside the Engineering Office. In total, we have 9 engineers, three of whom are dedicated to Research and Development.


Here we are in the Canteen which is also used as a meeting room for our Production Staff.

Welcome to the Directors office shared with my business partner Andrew Dennis. Over here we have our communications equipment which has been recently installed and this allows us to communicate effectively between the three sites, it also allows us to talk to our customers or suppliers and other members of the Kenray group across the globe.

Also onsite is one of our main fabrication sites which you can see behind me & also on the shop floor we have two break presses.

Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email