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Hello and welcome to Kenray, my name is Mark Evans & I’m the Commercial Director and during this and subsequent blogs, I’d like to just show you a little bit about Kenray & what it is we do and how it is we can help you.



So, who are we? Well, we were formed in 1981 and Andrew Dennis, my business partner & myself, took over the company in 2004 and since then we’ve strived to turn it into the global leader in the design and manufacture of forming sets. Quality is our hallmark and we are ISO accredited.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality forming sets available, delivered to the customer on time with the best after-sales and service support possible. We achieve that through a number of values and the key one is consistency so that you get the same former to the same quality time after time. We use an ERP system so that we can ensure that we have traceability and repeatability and all the former’s are forward engineered on our 3D modelling system. We work with partners around the globe, in America and Canada, we have Greener Corporation who are distributors and forward agents. In Mumbai, we have our Indian plant which is a joint venture with another company & throughout Europe we have a number of Sales outlets and offices and we have a financial interest in Zanon Forming which will become partners with us in our global journey.

Everything that leaves can be assembled and tested in a specialist area with up to six packaging machines so that we can test every former before it leaves us.

Thank you for watching. I hope the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email