KENRAY flexible, abrasion resistant chutes are designed for the transfer and sorting of dry foodstuffs, grain, grit, powders, wood shavings and dust and other abrasive materials.

They are manufactured from a very durable, clear thermoplastic polyurethane with a fully sealed and welded seam. All Chute products are bespoke manufactured to your specific requirements.

KENRAY Chutes provide a superior solution for our customers as the material doesn’t crack, is harder wearing, and can be installed without dismantling the packaging machinery thanks to its flexibility.

By having a more flexible chute, the risk of damage is minimised compared to a rigid plastic chute providing you with a cost efficient solution due to their extended lifetime.

Major Benefits:

  • Tough, durable and extremely flexible.
  • Very abrasion resistant with exceptional tear strength
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Expected life-cycle *2-3 years
  • Food approved materials
  • Reduces product contamination

Full Kenray guarantee.


“These work correctly and have had no issues since the first one was purchased 11 months ago, which is why they are implementing these solutions in all of their machines.
As for durability, they are unable to provide us with comments year, as they will need to be monitored in the coming months/years.”

José Miguel Clari Camarasa at Macrosnacks

“Regarding the flexible chutes, they are simply perfect – through time we changed all chute on all our machines and all work perfect – the main advantage is elasticity. With our old solution from solid plastic material we had broken parts of this chute and guys on workshop had more work with reparations. Mainly after cleanings – when the operators completly cleaning the scales (dysassembly the scale). The flexible chutes are the ideal solution for us”

Josef Bednar at Intersnack