Kenray Video: Our Site 3 Testing Facility

Kenray Forming Ltd – Welcome to our Site 3 Testing Facility


Today we’re looking at our Testing Facilities that we have available here on Site 3.

This Kliklok Woodman Intermittent Machine can be used with either a vacuum or a friction drive facility.  To test TNA and other front drive formers, we have a TNA Robag 3 in our line-up.

Our line equipment LE 400 machine has the ability to test all Doy & Quad formers. All continuous high-speed formers can be verified on this apparatus.

Here we are at the back of the machine and the first thing we’re going to do is to ensure that the reel is correctly positioned on the machine and the film is running true and will be aligned to the bag specification.

So, here we are at the front of the machine all we want to ensure is that the film is running smoothly over the shoulder and touching at every point. will also want to make sure the geometry is correct, and everything is lining up.

Okay so the final point of the process is to check that we’ve got a good bag of the machine First thing to do is to make sure that we got the right bag size, check that we’ve got the correct seal and seal is actually strong enough and then finally check for creases, wrinkles and any twisting.

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Kenray Video: Product Blockage Solutions for VFFS Machines

Kenray Forming Ltd – Product Blockage Solutions for VFFS Machines

What I’d like to do in today’s short blog is to talk to you a little bit about product flow and how we might be able to help you with any product flow issues you might be experiencing

As you can see on the diagram we’ve got potatoes going into a straight tube and as you can see at the top on the right side of the diagram they become stuck in the top of the tube.

So what we’ve been able to do in this particular instance is redesigned the angle of the inlet so that combined with streaming from the weigher. the potatoes flow freely through the tube.

Looking at the diagram on the left, we can see a typical high-speed snack tube, so not only have we altered the inlet angles, but we’ve also cut out the back of the tube to allow the product to fall through the tube freely.

Another way of removing blockages is to use a poker, this is being demonstrated in this clip

Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email

Kenray Video: Introduction to Site 2

Kenray Forming Ltd – Introduction to Site 2

Here we are outside site 2.  Site 2 is where we make our frames and other engineered items.

Our Ramada Laser Cutter is capable of cutting accurately and quickly all the parts required for the fabrication process.

You can see we have two CNC lathes. One is used for tubes and the other CNC / Milling Machine is capable of making any parts.

These are our multi-access machines. All our machines are capable of taking information from the CAD Cam system to produce parts. We also have a 3D printing facility for prototyping


Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email

kenray Supports Twycross Zoo

Kenray is proud to support Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, just 12 miles from our Coalville Offices. We understand the challenging conditions brought about by Covid to the Zoo in terms of lost visitor revenue and have decided to make Twycross Zoo our Charity of the Year for 2021.

A donation of £2000 has been made and further fundraising initiatives will be undertaken throughout the year by our team.

Mark Evans, Commercial Director added: “The Pandemic has had a knock-on effect for many and Twycross Zoo has been unable to open to the public. Living locally, Directors and staff have all visited the Zoo with our families and we wanted to support where we can. The animals still need food, shelter and vet visits during lockdown which costs. It is vital local businesses get behind the Zoo to ensure it can remain in business to welcome visitors again. Delighted that Kenray has been able to offer some support.”

Kenray Video: Introduction to Site1

Kenray Forming Ltd – Introduction to Site 1

The next video in our series is an introduction to our Site 1 in Leicestershire, UK showcasing our facilities and our fantastic team that helps Kenray to deliver effective forming solutions:

Here we are outside Site One, what I’d like to do today is just show you some of the facilities we have inside:


Here we are inside the Engineering Office. In total, we have 9 engineers, three of whom are dedicated to Research and Development.


Here we are in the Canteen which is also used as a meeting room for our Production Staff.

Welcome to the Directors office shared with my business partner Andrew Dennis. Over here we have our communications equipment which has been recently installed and this allows us to communicate effectively between the three sites, it also allows us to talk to our customers or suppliers and other members of the Kenray group across the globe.

Also onsite is one of our main fabrication sites which you can see behind me & also on the shop floor we have two break presses.

Thank you for watching. I hope this and the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email

Kenray Video: 1 – Introduction to Kenray

Hello and welcome to Kenray, my name is Mark Evans & I’m the Commercial Director and during this and subsequent blogs, I’d like to just show you a little bit about Kenray & what it is we do and how it is we can help you.



So, who are we? Well, we were formed in 1981 and Andrew Dennis, my business partner & myself, took over the company in 2004 and since then we’ve strived to turn it into the global leader in the design and manufacture of forming sets. Quality is our hallmark and we are ISO accredited.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality forming sets available, delivered to the customer on time with the best after-sales and service support possible. We achieve that through a number of values and the key one is consistency so that you get the same former to the same quality time after time. We use an ERP system so that we can ensure that we have traceability and repeatability and all the former’s are forward engineered on our 3D modelling system. We work with partners around the globe, in America and Canada, we have Greener Corporation who are distributors and forward agents. In Mumbai, we have our Indian plant which is a joint venture with another company & throughout Europe we have a number of Sales outlets and offices and we have a financial interest in Zanon Forming which will become partners with us in our global journey.

Everything that leaves can be assembled and tested in a specialist area with up to six packaging machines so that we can test every former before it leaves us.

Thank you for watching. I hope the subsequent videos will give you a little bit more depth into what we actually do. If you need help and support, the Kenray Team are only a phone call away – +44 (0)1530 400 100 or email

6 Key Principles for Forming, Filling & Sealing Quality Packages on VFFS Machines

Welcome to the latest Kenray Blog looking at the 6 Key Principles of forming, filling & sealing quality packages on VFFS Packaging machines. We are delighted to be joined by our Corporate Partners Greener Corporation.

1. Product Flow

Let’s start at the beginning with Product flow. Problems occur most often when the product is:

 large in relation to bag size
 inconsistent in size or shape
 oddly shaped
 or with rough outer surfaces

Bottlenecks occur when product strings out as it moves from the inlet cone into the narrower confines of the forming tube. In extreme cases individual product “charges” can bridge together. These product flow issues slow down production speeds, create blockages, and cause leakages when product gets trapped in the seal.

On forming tubes with integral cones, the product dose is slightly staggered, so it passes through the bottleneck faster and stays more compact.

2. Forming Set Design

Forming sets should be designed according to your product, package design, machinery, and film specifications. Make sure that this optimal design is accurately and consistently replicated when you order replacement parts or specify formers for multiple machines, lines, or locations.

3. Roller Position

Machine adjustments are also critical for producing quality packages. Misaligned film rollers prevent the film from making full contact with the forming shoulder, causing wrinkles, creases, and package distortions that reduce shelf appeal and cause seal problems.

4. Film Drive

Poor package quality is caused by film drive issues such as belt adjustment and forming tube alignment

5. Former Wear and Damage

Wear or damage to the former lip or shoulder can also distort the package.

6. Sealing

By fine-tuning your forming and filling operations you will improve both package appearance and seal quality.

The end seals on packages produced by vertical baggers typically vary in thickness. Most have a lap or a fin seal, and some are designed with gussets. Unintended wrinkles or pleats may, at times, be unavoidable. Leakages, when they occur, often follow channels at the intersections between two and multiple layers of film and at the corners.

Sealing Jaws
Sealing jaws must transfer enough pressure and heat to seal across these channels without crushing, cutting, or distorting the end seal.

• Pressure

In order to create uniform sealing pressure, the serration profile of your sealing jaws should be designed according to your package specifications, machinery, and running conditions.

• Heat
Sealing jaw temperatures are often increased to improve seal quality, but this can create hot spots that overheat and distort the package.

Jaws manufactured from Dura-Therm material provide more responsive, consistent heat transfer across the package to help seal off-channel leakages without overheating the film.

• Wear and Damage
Jaws that are worn, damaged or contaminated with products also create inconsistent pressure and heat transfer that cause seal problems.

To learn more about forming and filling on vertical packaging machines, contact Kenray Forming on +44 (0)1530 400 100. We can also offer remote training and consultancy to help you optimize your packaging operations.

Kenray Forming_sets formadores para envasadoras verticales

For more details on sealing  Jaws, consult the wide variety of Greener “Tech Bites” posted on their P3 Solutions Blog, or contact Greener Corporation.

For further information, please contact Mark Evans on +44 (0) 1530 400 100 or email


Kenray Add Horizontal Folding Boxes Capability to its Portfolio of Products

Kenray is delighted to announce that we have added a range of equipment and tooling that has allowed us to launch our design, manufacture, testing and verification of forming solutions for the horizontal packaging market and have invested in new machinery to further enhance this capability.


This is an exciting new addition to the Kenray portfolio. For the past 18 months, our Engineering Team has been working hard to develop in-house capability to supply leading food manufacturers with forming solutions and a range of applications, including sustainable & compostable film structures that will help ensure packaging is more environmentally friendly. This development will facilitate the use of environmentally friendly film whilst enabling manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint.

During development, Kenray has become the partner of choice for a number of global manufacturers to design, manufacturer, test & verify solutions for the horizontal folding box market and further investment has been made to widen our capabilities for further testing & verification.

Mark Evans, Commercial Director, and Andrew Dennis, Technical Director said:

“As the packaging sector changes, machinery capabilities need to change in order to offer an efficient solution that is eco-friendly, reduce carbon footprint, and keep machines running at their optimal performance. We have been delighted to be chosen as partner of choice to help design and develop solution’s over the past 18-months and with the future expansion plans in place, this capability can only strengthen our product offering. Exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing more news over the next few months.

For further information, please contact Mark Evans on +44 (0) 1530 400 100 or email


New Testing & Training Centre for Kenray Global

Kenray Forming has continued its expansion plans during the recent lockdown period with the open of its new dedicated testing and training centre at their HQ in Coalville, Leicestershire. Kenray now operates across three sites from their current location focusing on manufacturing, design & R&D, sales and now testing and training.


The new Testing & Training Centre has been designed to deliver effective remote training solutions to clients across the globe and technology has been at the heart of the expansion. With travel and site visit restrictions in place at client sites, the new digital training programme in real-time means we can help manufacturers keep forming sets running at optimal and increase productivity.

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire recently opened KENRAY’s new Testing & Training Centre and took a tour of the premises and met the Kenray Team. During the Open Day, through the use of new technologies, Partners from USA, Italy & India were able to join in the celebrations and tour the new facilities.

Andrew Bridgen MP commented: “Businesses need to innovate in the challenging conditions we are facing right now. Delighted to witness the expansion of Kenray over the years and the future employment opportunities created in the area. With the opening of the new testing & training Centre, I have seen what investment in equipment, training and staff who speak multiple languages can do for a company like Kenray. I am aware it is a major part of UK manufacturing, enhanced by specialist companies like Kenray who have been able to build their international reputation”.

The new testing facility also allows Kenray to continue its programme of research and development into new forming solutions, material options and new processes to ensure its forming sets meet the needs of clients in an ever-changing landscape. Again, Kenray has invested in a range of original equipment to ensure new designs and solutions can be tested fully and adapted where possible. All configurations & types of forming sets can now be tested onsite. We are already working closely with manufacturers to research and develop new material-handling solutions.

This is an exciting development for Kenray which has already allowed for job creation and training solutions have already been delivered across Europe with more opportunities available.

Commercial Director Mark Evans and Technical Director Andrew Dennis added: “Kenray is committed to the design and development of forming sets to meet the needs of our client base and to be able to deliver training solutions across the globe without the need to travel and also to enhance our R&D opportunities by having a test centre, means we are consistently delivering a world-class service. The new building is part of a larger expansion programme for Kenray and whilst world events have meant we need to adapt, we know that the extra support we can offer clients will take our services to the next level.

For further information on Kenray Forming Solutions Testing & Training – visit or call the team on +44 (0)1530 400 100 email



The Hidden Costs of Average Forming Sets – Kenray Whitepaper

Kenray Knowledge Centre Whitepaper

Users of average forming sets may be conditioned to accept the associated limitations and higher operating costs without realizing that solutions are possible. This paper helps to clarify what it is that users should demand from their forming sets and illustrates the benefits and productivity improvements that can be achieved

.The Hidden Cost of Average Forming Sets


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